Calling all Crowd-Sorcerers (or, if you prefer, "Horde-sourcers"?) 

Escape Artists, Inc. has a new way to present our community to the rest of the world: 

Escape Artists Wikia

Wikia is a free service run by the same folks who run the Wikimedia Foundation. While it is great that our favorite podcasts have achieved sufficient "Notability" to rate their own Wikipedia articles, there are a few things that we aren't allowed to do on Wikipedia itself that we can (within reason) here: 

  • No self-promotion
  • Mandatory "Neutral Point of View"
  • Strict "Notability" requirements
  • Source citations needed for everything

As the company grows this year (adding Cast of Wonders and Mothership Zeta) and our other volunteers plot to take over the world (via local festivals and cons), we have to expect that our audience will continue to grow. Wikia will give them an opportunity to explore and learn about the last decade of amazing stories, get to know our talented staff, authors, and readers, and add their own touch to the community. Wikia will give the rest of us the opportunity to document the work we all do, and the fun we all have, in ways that the rules of Wikipedia (rightly!) won't let us.

In your spare time, you might: 

  • Put together new author pages
  • Add links to recent episodes and forum discussions
  • Update Major events (like Artemis Rising?)
  • Even share photos and videos of our Con and Festival appearances 

Right now, there are less than 30 articles - including the links in this post - but there are so many "red links" on most of those pages that you could turn into new articles. 

Please do take a quick tour, and try editing something (I'm sure I've made a misteak or too somewear)... and let me know if you need help. I'm the Admin, "PapaSmirk" (also my Wikipedia user name, FYI). 

Suggestions/criticism/praise are all welcome.


Tad "WikiBoy" Callin

aka PapaSmirk

aka Tango Alpha Delta (on the forum)

Tweet @tadmaster

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