• Hello there, I was an editor on the Muppet Wiki who foolishly violated the rules too many times & got permanently blocked. But that's not why I need your assistance. I asked Scott (aka Scarecrow) about this a few hours ago, but we just got into a big argument about how he thinks my personal website, the Grouches Wiki, is just me deliberately plagiarizing the Muppet Wiki, so now I'm asking you for help instead. How do you make the new Street Scenes Button work? I did upload the picture, but I can't get it to only show the street scenes for an episode, what exactly must I do? I promise I have now finally credited the Muppet Wiki for the overall existence of my Grouches Wiki, but now I need an expert's help, please?

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    • This question really belongs on your grouch wiki and not here. The "button" is a set of two templates - one which marks the segments which can be collapsed and one which provides a toggle switch. You need both to make it work. That said, Scott developed that system and is really the only one who can help you make it work if you do not understand it.

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