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Robert W. Chambers (1865 – 1933) was an American artist and writer. He studied art in Paris and sold illustrations to LifeTruth, and Vogue magazines. His first novel, In the Quarter (1887) was influenced by the Decadent writers and in 1895 he published The King in Yellow, a collection of Art Nouveau short stories. This included several famous weird short stories which are connected by the theme of a fictitious drama, “The King in Yellow”, which drives those who read it insane. E. F. Bleiler described The King in Yellow as one of the most important works of American supernatural fiction and it was also strongly admired by H.P. Lovecraft and his circle.

A later story, “The Maker of Moons” from 1896, features a U.S. Government department dedicated to battling the titular supernatural menace and presages much of the action and Yellow Peril threats of the later pulp magazines. Chambers eventually moved into a successful – and more remunerative – career writing romance fiction.

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