Escape Pod was launched in 2005 by Serah Eley (known at the time as Stephen Eley). As of 2017, it is co-edited by Mur Lafferty and Divya Breed, and is co-hosted by Tina Connolly. In 2018 the podcast was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine.

The table below lists all episodes in order of release, from newest to oldest by default. You can join Escape Artists forum to comment on your favorite stories, or to participate in the Flash Fiction Contest. While this list may not always be completely up to date, you can see the most recent episodes at the Escape Pod website.

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# Name Author Narrator Rating Time Discussion
EP698 Points of Origin Marissa Lingen Eric Luke PG 42:03 EP Forum
EP697 The Last Stellar Death Metal Opera Elly Bangs Alethea Kontis 20:07 EP Forum
EP696 The Homunculi's Guide to Resurrecting Your Loved One From Their Electronic Ghosts Kara Lee Katherine Inskip PG-13 25:57 EP Forum
EP695 This Is As I Wish To Be Restored (Flashback Friday) Christie Yant Mr. Lee PG-13 23:06 EP Forum
EP694 Hunting the Mighty Space Whale Miranda Ciccone S. Kay Nash PG 19:45 EP Forum
EP693 The Great Scientist Rivalry on Planet Sourdough Beth Goder Divya Breed PG-13 51:47 EP Forum
EP692 Lab B-15 (Part 2 of 2) Nick Wolven Trendane Sparks PG 50:55 EP Forum
EP691 Lab B-15 (Part 1 of 2) Nick Wolven Trendane Sparks PG 40:44 EP Forum
EP690 The Things (Flashback Friday) Peter Watts Kate Baker R 1:00:00 EP Forum
EP689 Spectrum of Acceptance Nyla Bright Maxine Moore PG-13 46:02 EP Forum
EP688 A Most Elegant Solution M. Darusha Wehm Abra Staffin-Wiebe PG 19:57 EP Forum
EP687 Four of Seven Samantha Mills Ibba Armancas PG 41:41 EP Forum
EP686 Real Artists (Flashback Friday) Ken Liu Ann Leckie PG-13 29:26 EP Forum
EP685 A Vocabulary of Remorse Dantzel Cherry Ellora Sen-Gupta PG 21:45 EP Forum
EP684 Origami Angels Derek Lubangakene Peter Behravesh PG-13 40:52 EP Forum
EP683 Flash Crash Louis Evans Ibba Armancas PG-13 37:15 EP Forum
EP682 Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast (Flashback Friday) Eugie Foster Lawrence Santoro R 1:00:03 EP Forum
EP681 That She Might Fly Mary Anne Mohanraj Farah Naz Rishi PG-13 33:44 EP Forum
EP680 A Barrow for the Living Alison Wilgus Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali PG-13 42:16 EP Forum
EP679 An Ever-Expanding Flash of Light Timothy Mudie S.B. Divya PG-13 39:14 EP Forum
EP678 Blonde Priya Sharma Mur Lafferty PG-13 46:19 EP Forum
EP677 Valedictorian (Flashback Friday) N.K. Jemisin Stephanie Malia Morris PG-13 46:28 EP Forum
EP676 Ulissa Craig DeLancey Nadia Niaz 30:10 EP Forum
EP675 Man of Straw Russell Nichols Dominick Rabrun R 35:56 EP Forum
EP674 And Yet A.T. Greenblatt Alethea Kontis PG-13 39:44 EP Forum
EP673 Optimizing the Verified Good (Artemis Rising) Effie Seiberg Trendane Sparks 42:46 EP Forum
EP672 She Knits the Universe a Pink Angora Sweater (Artemis Rising) Bo Balder Stephanie Malia Morris 44:05 EP Forum
EP671 Octonet (Artemis Rising) Keyan Bowes S.B. Divya R 48:49 EP Forum
EP670 The Scent of Lions (Artemis Rising) Tara Campbell Sandra Espinoza 37:17 EP Forum
EP669 Craphound (Flashback Friday) Cory Doctorow Jesse Thorn PG 47:47 EP Forum
EP668 The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi Wole Talabi Maxine Moore PG-13 50:50 EP Forum
EP667 The Best We Can Carrie Vaughn Veronica Giguere PG 35:28 EP Forum
EP666 This Wine-Dark Feeling That Isn't The Blues José Pablo Iriarte Alethea Kontis R 16:35 EP Forum
EP665 The Man Who Lost the Sea (Flashback Friday) Theodore Sturgeon Anson Mount PG 44:59 EP Forum
EP664 The Day Girl Rivqa Rafael Pamela Quevillon PG-13 42:05 EP Forum
EP663 Some Remarks on the Reproductive Strategy of the Common Octopus Bogi Takács Amy H. Sturgis PG 35:15 EP Forum
EP662 Another Day in the Desert Mame Bougouma Diene Halima Salah 49:57 EP Forum
EP661 A Fine Night for Tea and Bludgeoning Beth Cato Eve Upton PG-13 39:55 EP Forum
EP660 Hoping for Red Adam Knight Tina Connolly PG 30:24 EP Forum
EP659 Caesura Hayley Stone Stephanie Malia Morris PG-13 30:54 EP Forum
EP658 Beatrix Released Shaenon K. Garrity Katherine Inskip PG 50:20 EP Forum
EP657 The Big So-So Erica L. Satifka Ibba Armancas PG-13 40:08 EP Forum
EP656 Into the Breach (Flashback Friday) Malon Edwards Mandaly Louis-Charles PG-13 35:25 EP Forum
EP655 And Then There Were (N-One) (Part 4) Sarah Pinsker Mur Lafferty PG-13 30:16 EP Forum
EP654 And Then There Were (N-One) (Part 3) Sarah Pinsker Mur Lafferty PG-13 32:18 EP Forum
EP653 And Then There Were (N-One) (Part 2) Sarah Pinsker Mur Lafferty PG-13 32:40 EP Forum
EP652 And Then There Were (N-One), (Part 1) Sarah Pinsker Mur Lafferty PG-13 26:00 EP Forum
EP651 Impossible Dreams (Flashback Friday) Tim Pratt Matthew Wayne Selznick PG 48:07 EP Forum
EP650 Some Things I Probably Should Have Mentioned Earlier (LIVE) Laura Pearlman Laura Pearlman PG 18:40 EP Forum
EP649 Loyalty Test Andrew Gugdel Matt Dovey 23:52 EP Forum
EP648 A Handful of Dal Naru Sundar S.B. Divya PG 18:33 EP Forum
EP647 Imma Gonna Finish You Off (Flashback Friday) Marina J. Lostetter Alasdair Stuart PG 43:57 EP Forum
EP646 Subtle Ways Each Time Y.M. Pang Peter Behravesh PG 19:18 EP Forum
EP645 The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike (Part 2) Andrea Phillips Julia Rios PG-13 35:29 EP Forum
EP644 The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike (Part 1) Andrea Phillips Julia Rios PG-13 43:52 EP Forum
EP643 Disarm (Flashback Friday) Vylar Kaftan Mat Weller PG-13 31:32 EP Forum
EP642 Oracle Dominica Phetteplace Veronica Giguere PG-13 28:33 EP Forum
EP641 Flash Fiction Contest Winners Kurt Pankau, Karen Osborne, Maria Haskins, Paul R Hardy Adam Pracht, S.B. Divya, Tina Connolly, Mur Lafferty PG 23:28 EP Forum
EP640 Paradise Regained Edward M. Lerner Roderick Aust PG 50:48 EP Forum
EP639 Me, Meg, and The Thing Gian-Paul Bergeron Trendane Sparks R 50:20 EP Forum
EP638 Ulla (Flashback Friday) Daniel Schwabauer Jared Axelrod, J.R. Blackwell PG-13 32:03 EP Forum
EP637 At the Village Vanguard (Ruminations on Blacktopia) Maurice Broaddus Stephanie Malia Morris PG-13 36:49 EP Forum
EP636 Mother Tongues S. Qiouyi Lu Rebecca Wei Hsieh PG 30:27 EP Forum
EP635 After Midnight at the ZapStop Matthew Claxton Eric Luke PG-13 39:21 EP Forum
EP634 On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy (Flashback Friday) Desmond Warzel Joshua McNichols PG-13 32:53 EP Forum
EP633 Lucky Shot (Part 2) Gerri Leen Alethea Kontis R 40:04 EP Forum
EP632 Lucky Shot (Part 1) Gerri Leen Alethea Kontis R 49:50 EP Forum
EP631 Heart of Ash, Heart of Steam Malon Edwards Mandaly Louis-Charles PG-13 31:35 EP Forum
EP630 Midnight Blue (Flashback Friday) Will McIntosh Paul Haring G 53:01 EP Forum
EP629 An Advanced Reader's Picture Book of Comparative Cognition Ken Liu Adam Pracht G 43:44 EP Forum
EP628 The Endangered Camp Ann Leckie Ibba Armancas PG 31:32 EP Forum
EP627 Humans Die, Stars Fade Charles Payseur Veronica Giguere PG-13 32:44 EP Forum
EP626 Fire Rode the Cold Wind Aimee Ogden Peter Adrian Behravesh PG-13 35:38 EP Forum
EP625 Herd Mentality (Flashback Friday) Jay Caselberg Serah Eley PG 35:09 EP Forum
EP624 Fandom for Robots Vina Jie-Min Prasad Trendane Sparks R 29:34 EP Forum
EP623 Surveillance Fatigue Jennifer R. Donohue Diane Severson Mori PG 21:28 EP Forum
EP622 Anna and Marisol in Time and Space Tim Pratt Amy H. Sturgis PG-13 55:27 EP Forum
EP621 Assistance (Artemis Rising) Kathryn DeFazio Summer Brooks PG 45:15 EP Forum
EP620 Promise (Artemis Rising) Christi Nogle Tina Connolly R 40:52 EP Forum
EP619 A Study in Symmetry, or the Chance Encounter of an Android and a Painter (Artemis Rising) Jamie Lackey Trendane Sparks, Divya Breed PG-13 37:14 EP Forum
EP618 All Profound and Logical Minds (Artemis Rising) Bennett North Dani Daly PG-13 48:56 EP Forum
EP617 A Cure for Homesickness (Artemis Rising) S. L. Scott Eric Luke PG-13 47:50 EP Forum
EP616 My Generations Shall Praise Samantha Henderson Alethea Kontis R 45:43 EP Forum
EP615 Lonely Robot on a Rocket Ship in Space A. Merc Rustad Christopher Cornell PG-13 32:02 EP Forum
EP614 Sparg Brian Trent Alasdair Stuart PG 18:49 EP Forum
EP613 Cat Pictures, Please Naomi Kritzer Miriam Krause R 23:09 EP Forum
EP612 The Sixes, the Wisdom, and the Wasp E J Delaney Nadia Niaz PG 44:57 EP Forum
EP611 When We Fall Kameron Hurley Ibba Armancas PG 38:37 EP Forum
EP610 The Sweetness at the End Jenny Rae Rappaport Diane Severson Mori PG 21:27 EP Forum
EP609 Wasps Make Honey Penelope Evans Karen Bovenmyer PG 30:46 EP Forum
EP608 Even the Queen Connie Willis Veronica Giguere PG-13 56:58 EP Forum
EP607 Red in Tooth and Cog Cat Rambo Tina Connolly PG 56:25 EP Forum
EP606 Home Sick M. Darusha Wehm Megan Leigh PG 27:39 EP Forum
EP605 Straight Lines Naru Sundar Summer Brooks R 24:10 EP Forum
EP604 Given Sufficient Desperation Bogi Takács Alethea Kontis PG 32:51 EP Forum
EP603 An Equal Share of the Bone Karen Osborne Ibba Armancas PG-13 24:01 EP Forum
EP602 Trash Talk Holly Schofield Robert Gonyo PG-13 17:00 EP Forum
EP601 Wet Fur Jeremiah Tolbert Adam Pracht PG-13 38:33 EP Forum
EP600 At the Rialto Connie Willis Mur Lafferty PG 1:04:53 EP Forum
EP599 What Glistens Back Sunny Moraine Trendane Sparks PG-13 28:15 EP Forum
EP598 On the Fringes of the Fractal Greg van Eekhout Tina Connolly PG-13 35:16 EP Forum
EP597 Ms. Figgle-DeBitt‘s Home for Wayward A.I.s Kurt Pankau Matt Dovey PG 35:43 EP Forum
EP596 The Wind You Touch When You Run James Beamon Dominick Rabrun R 38:31 EP Forum
EP595 Islands in the Dark Sarah Goldman Karen Bovenmyer PG 40:12 EP Forum
EP594 The Spice Portrait J.M. Evenson Stephanie Malia Morris PG-13 32:06 EP Forum
EP593 Planetbound Nancy Fulda Trendane Sparks, S.B. Divya PG 30:48 EP Forum
EP592 When All the Clocks Are Wrong Beth Goder Ibba Armancas PG 42:45 EP Forum
EP591 A House of Her Own Bo Balder Amy H. Sturgis R 38:14 EP Forum
EP590 Four Seasons in the Forest of Your Mind Caroline M. Yoachim Stephanie Malia Morris PG 19:49 EP Forum
EP589 Seb Dreams of Reincarnation Aimee Ogden Matthew Hamblin PG 36:05 EP Forum
EP588 Rocket Surgery Effie Seiberg Summer Brooks PG 29:43 EP Forum
EP587 Someday James Patrick Kelly Ibba Armancas PG-13 30:38 EP Forum
EP586 The 1st Annual Lunar Biathlon Rachael K. Jones Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali PG 37:58 EP Forum
EP585 We All Scream Marie Vibbert Julie Davis PG 18:56 EP Forum
EP584 Your Body, By Default Alexis Hunter Alex Acks R 29:24 EP Forum
EP583 The Librarian Andrew Kozma John Meagher R 33:01 EP Forum
EP582 Unit Two Does Her Makeup Laura Duerr Andrea Phillips PG 37:10 EP Forum
EP581 That Game We Played During the War Carrie Vaughn Amy H. Sturgis PG 46:19 EP Forum
EP580 Nozizwe and Almahdi J. R. Dawson Eric Luke PG-13 27:47 EP Forum
EP579 Texts from the Ghost War Alex Yuschik Trendane Sparks, Adam Pracht PG-13 38:53 EP Forum
EP578 Cherry Squid Celeste Hollister Amy H. Sturgis PG-13 44:35 EP Forum
EP577 The Ghosts of Europa Will Keep You Trapped in a Prison You Make for Yourself Matt Dovey Tina Connolly PG-13 21:33 EP Forum
EP576 Karma Among the Cloud Kings Brian Trent Ellora Sen-Gupta PG-13 55:18 EP Forum
EP575 Red Kelly Owns the Moon Shaenon K. Garrity Cheyenne Wright PG 29:40 EP Forum
EP574 Yosemite D. S. McNab Erik Luke R 27:14 EP Forum
EP573 Whatever Tower, However High Julia K. Patt Logan Waterman PG-13 37:19 EP Forum
EP572 Nothing to See Here Arthur Doweyko Patrick Bazile PG 27:00 EP Forum
EP571 Beetle-Cleaned Skulls J. E.Bates Trendane Sparks PG 32:53 EP Forum
EP570 What Good is a Glass Warrior? G. Scott Huggins Jen Rhodes PG 33:10 EP Forum
EP569 Safe Harbour (Artemis Rising 3) Kristene Perron Divya Breed PG-13 47:46 EP Forum
EP568 Dr. Mbalu and the Butcher's Daughter (Artemis Rising 3) Megan Chaudhuri Laurice White PG-13 43:42 EP Forum
EP567 Baro Porrajmos, or Love in the Vardo (Artemis Rising 3) Eileen Gunnell Lee Marguerite Croft PG-13 43:11 EP Forum
EP566 Honey and Bone (Artemis Rising 3) Madeline Alvey Tina Connolly PG 37:32 EP Forum
EP565 The Zombee Project 3.0 (Artemis Rising 3) Allison Mulder Ibba Armancas PG-13 39:52 EP Forum
EP564 Trusted Messenger Kevin Wabaunsee Phillip Lanos PG 42:50 EP Forum
EP563 Two Steps Forward Holly Schofield Adam Pracht PG 22:32 EP Forum
EP562 Meltwater Benjamin C. Kinney Rajan Khanna PG-13 20:07 EP Forum
EP561 The Android's Prehistoric Menagerie A. Merc Rustad Setsu Uzume PG-13 38:22 EP Forum
EP560 Run C. R. Hodges Eden Royce G 24:04 EP Forum
EP559 Vegetablemen in Peanut Town August Marion Trendane Sparks PG-13 36:04 EP Forum
EP558 Holding the Ghosts Gwendolyn Clare Dionne Obeso PG 24:06 EP Forum
EP557 Impossibility Crow Remy Nakamura Roberto Suarez R 35:14 EP Forum
EP556 In a Manner of Speaking Charity Tahmaseb Amy H. Sturgis PG 45:44 EP Forum
EP555 Monstrance of Sky Christopher Mark Rose Alethea Kontis PG-13 36:07 EP Forum
EP554 Captain Drake Learns His Lines Amy Sisson, Kate Suratt Christopher Cornell PG-13 46:05 EP Forum
EP553 Water Finds Its Level M. Bennardo Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali PG-13 35:46 EP Forum
EP552 RedChip BlueChip Effie Seiberg Tina Connolly PG-13 33:46 EP Forum
EP551 The Most Absurd Dance at the End of the Worlds Holly Heisey Andrea Richardson PG-13 26:30 EP Forum
EP550 When They Come Back Natalia Theodoridou Ibba Armancas PG-13 28:08 EP Forum
EP549 The Battaile of the Mudde Anthony Tardiff J. J. Campanella PG 40:18 EP Forum
EP548 A Prayer at Noon John Shade Amber Pracht PG-13 24:09 EP Forum
EP547 Ride the Dragon Bojan Ratković Steve Anderson PG-13 33:46 EP Forum
EP546 Recollection Nancy Fulda Trendane Sparks PG-13 27:50 EP Forum
EP545 Murder or a Duck Beth Goder Amy H. Sturgis PG 31:11 EP Forum
EP544 Only Human Lavie Tidhar Summer Brooks PG 38:28 EP Forum
EP543 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Love, Death Caroline M. Yoachim Nicola Seaton-Clark PG 37:40 EP Forum
EP542 The Hungers of Refugees Michael Glyde Joe Williams PG 31:16 EP Forum
EP541 As Travelers in Sky Boats Kristin Janz Ibba Armancas PG 25:57 EP Forum
EP540 The Right Answer James Miller Adam Pracht PG 25:45 EP Forum
EP539 Squirrels, Foxes and Other Fine Specimens Gareth D Jones Andrew Clarke PG 22:12 EP Forum
EP408a Immersion (repost) Aliette de Bodard Amy Robinson PG 43:25 EP Forum
EP538 The Starsmith Jonathan Edelstein James Odcombe PG 27:57 EP Forum
EP537 Honeycomb Girls Erin Cashier Johnathan Danz PG-13 38:55 EP Forum
EP536 Prophet to the Dogs Bethany Edwards George Hrab PG-13 37:02 EP Forum
EP535 Bluejay Edward Ashton Josh Roseman PG-13 28:22 EP Forum
EP534 Joolie & Irdl Sandy Parsons Nicola Seaton-Clark R 50:46 EP Forum
EP533 2016 Flash Fiction Contest Winners: Bona Fide, Shopping for the Perfect Battle Mount, Disc Stutter Ben Hallert, Laura Davy, Brian Trent Trendane Sparks, Nicholas Camm, Adam Pracht PG-13 16:36 EP Forum
EP532 Saints, Beasts and Zombies Gary Kloster Roberto Suarez PG-13 41:28 EP Forum
EP531 Bend Back the Shadows Michael Reid Summer Brooks PG 41:01 EP Forum
EP530 City in the Wound Michael Buckley Barry Haworth PG-13 55:09 EP Forum
EP529 Of Blessed Servitude A. Merc Rustad Trendane Sparks R 28:50 EP Forum
EP528 Divided By Zero Samantha Murray Ibba Armancas PG-13 14:46 EP Forum
EP527 Plural Lia Swope Mitchell Amanda Ching R 32:48 EP Forum
EP526 The Hunter Captain David John Baker Mat Weller PG 39:09 EP Forum
EP525 Among the Living John Markley Carl Allery PG 44:50 EP Forum
EP524 Scrapmetal Nan Craig Cat Rambo PG-13 24:17 EP Forum
EP523 Artemis Rising - Windows Beth Goder Andrea Richardson PG 28:18 EP Forum
EP522 Artemis Rising - Bioluminescent Memory Victorya Chase Serah Eley PG-13 18:20 EP Forum
EP521 Artemis Rising - Myspace: A Ghost Story Dominica Phetteplace Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali PG-13 24:53 EP Forum
EP520 Artemis Rising - Singing to the Stars Alanna McFall Amanda Fitzwater PG 24:53 EP Forum
EP519 Artemis Rising - In Their Image Abra Staffin-Wiebe Diane Severson PG-13 42:11 EP Forum
EP518 Brain Worms and White Whales Jen Finelli J.S. Arquin PG-13 39:57 EP Forum
EP517 Budo Tade Thompson Suyi Davies Okungbowa PG 27:55 EP Forum
EP516 Married Helena Bell Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali PG-13 28:59 EP Forum
EP515 The Winter Festival Evan Berkow Kate Baker PG 31:24 EP Forum
EP514 Retroparty Freestyle Rich Larson Nathaniel Lee R 34:18 EP Forum
EP513 Adaptation and Predation Auston Habershaw Jeff Ronner PG-13 41:48 EP Forum
EP512 The Semaphore Society Kate Heartfield Christiana Ellis PG-13 25:34 EP Forum
EP511 The Lone and Level Sands Marco Panessa Norm Sherman PG 29:13 EP Forum
EP510 Them Ships Silvia Moreno-Garcia Dani Cutler R 20:33 EP Forum
EP509 Broken Jason Kimble Mat Weller PG-13 24:54 EP Forum
EP508 A Day Without Sunshine Esther Saxey Amanda Ching PG-13 17:47 EP Forum
EP507 The Call of the Sky Cliff Winnig Marguerite Kenner PG 35:42 EP Forum
EP506 Harvester Dreams Michael J. DeLuca Paul Cram PG-13 45:18 EP Forum
EP505 Falling Leaves Liz Argall Emily Hickson PG 37:58 EP Forum
EP504 End of the World Community College Sandra McDonald Joel Kenyon PG 27:28 EP Forum
EP503 Undeleted Aidan Doyle Austin Learned PG 37:47 EP Forum
EP502 Gorlack the Destroyer's All You Can Eat Adventure Robert Lowell Russell Ethan Jones PG 37:56 EP Forum
EP501 Imma Gonna Finish You Off Marina J. Lostetter Alasdair Stuart PG 42:24 EP Forum
EP500 The Man Who Lost the Sea Theodore Sturgeon Anson Mount PG 1:16:44 EP Forum
EP499 Sounding the Fall Jei D. Marcade Amanda Ching PG 34:38 EP Forum
EP498 Everyone Will Want One Kelly Sandoval Erin Bardua PG-13 37:49 EP Forum
EP497 A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide Sarah Pinsker David White PG 31:02 EP Forum
EP496 Falling Through Creation Mark Robert Philps Christina Lebonville PG 29:25 EP Forum
EP495 Aficionado David Brin Joe Scalora PG 39:10 EP Forum
EP494 The Retgun Tim Pratt Rachael K. Jones PG-13 39:45 EP Forum
EP493 Beyond the Trenches We Lie A. T. Greenblatt Andrew Clarke PG 34:45 EP Forum
EP492 The Silent Ones Erica Satifka Angela Davis PG-13 22:23 EP Forum
EP491 Heaven's Touch Jason Sanford Marguerite Kenner PG 57:47 EP Forum
EP490 Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyes Dave Thompson PG-13 1:40:13 EP Forum
EP489 Uncanny James Patrick Kelly Dani Cutler PG-13 14:20 EP Forum
EP488 In Another Life Kelly Sandoval Carla Doak PG-13 31:20 EP Forum
EP487 New Folks' Home Clifford Simak Norm Sherman PG 1:04:22 EP Forum
EP486 Blight Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam Christiana Ellis PG 11:18 EP Forum
EP485 Supply Limited, Act Now Helen Marshall Graeme Dunlop R 46:33 EP Forum
EP484 That Tear Problem Natalia Theodoridou Hugo Jackson PG-13 23:36 EP Forum
EP483 Boris's Bar Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali Kaitie Radel PG-13 44:18 EP Forum
EP482 Chimeras Julie Steinbacher Jessica Dubish PG-13 20:35 EP Forum
EP481 Temporary Friends Caroline M. Yoachim Caitlin Buckley PG 19:20 EP Forum
EP480 To the Knife-Cold Stars A. Merc Rustad Mat Weller PG-13 39:42 EP Forum
EP479 The Evening, The Morning and the Night Octavia Butler Amanda Ching PG-13 1:05:28 EP Forum
EP478 People of the Shell Brian Trent Jeff Ronner PG 52:39 EP Forum
EP477 Parallel Moons Mario Milosevic Bill Bowman PG-13 31:45 EP Forum
EP476 In Loco Parentis Andrea Phillips Mur Lafferty PG 23:16 EP Forum
EP475 Homegrown Tomatoes Lara Elena Donnelley David Levine PG 25:11 EP Forum
EP474 In Coppelius's Toyshop Connie Willis Nathaniel Lee PG 29:06 EP Forum
EP473 Soft Currency Seth Gordon Melissa Bugaj PG 39:09 EP Forum
EP472 The Mercy of Theseus Rachael K. Jones Dave Thompson PG-13 43:07 EP Forum
EP471 Shared Faces Anaea Lay A Kovacs R 36:46 EP Forum
EP470 The Transdimensional Horsemaster Rabbis of Mpumalanga Province Sarah Pinsker Amy Robinson G 41:29 EP Forum
EP469 Inseparable Liz Heldmann Pamela Quevillion R 40:34 EP Forum
EP468 Law of Gravity Sam Ferree Dave Slusher PG-13 31:38 EP Forum
EP467 Trash Marie Vibbert Tatiana Gomberg PG-13 32:16 EP Forum
EP466 Checkmate Brian Trent Mat Weller G 37:26 EP Forum
EP465 The Sky is Blue, and Bright, and Filled with Stars Edward Ashton Andrea Richardson PG-13 32:40 EP Forum
EP464 Red Dust and Dancing Horses Beth Cato Marguerite Kenner G 29:43 EP Forum
EP463 Rockwork R.M. Graves Angi Shearstone R 57:49 EP Forum
EP462 Women of Our Occupation Kameron Hurley Mur Lafferty G 30:15 EP Forum
EP461 Selkie Stories are for Losers (2014 Hugo Award nominee) Sofia Samatar Amanda Ching PG-13 21:39 EP Forum
EP460 The Ink Readers of Doi Saket (2014 Hugo Award nominee) Thomas Olde Heuvelt Mat Weller R 44:49 EP Forum
EP459 The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere (2014 Hugo Award winner) John Chu John Chu PG-13 55:01 EP Forum
EP458 If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love (2014 Hugo Award nominee) Rachel Swirsky Christina Lebonville PG-13 15:20 EP Forum
EP457 A Struggle Between Rivals Ends Surprisingly Oliver Buckram Laura Hobbs PG 31:21 EP Forum
EP456 To Waste Luke R. Pebler Joshua Price R 29:08 EP Forum
EP455 Keep Your Shape Robert Sheckley Nathaniel Lee PG 40:46 EP Forum
EP454 Stop Me if You've Heard This One KC Ball Dani Cutler R 20:25 EP Forum
EP453 The Grotto of the Dancing Deer Clifford Simak Norm Sherman PG 57:50 EP Forum
EP452 Repo Aaron Gallagher M.K. Hobson PG-13 49:01 EP Forum
EP451 The Aliens Made of Glass Helena Bell Donna Scott R 39:03 EP Forum
EP450 Valedictorian N.K. Jemisin Stephanie Morris PG-13 45:37 EP Forum
EP449 An Understanding Holly Heisey Wilson Fowlie PG-13 28:12 EP Forum
EP448 Paprika Jason Sanford Heather Bowman-Tomlinson PG 56:09 EP Forum
EP447 Rachel in Love Pat Murphy Kathy Sherwood PG-13 1:10:37 EP Forum
EP446 The Way of the Needle Derek Künsken Mat Weller PG 55:33 EP Forum
EP445 Black Swan Oracle Ferrett Steinmetz Amy Robinson R 40:51 EP Forum
EP444 Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes Daniel Marcus Christiana Ellis PG-13 37:04 EP Forum
EP443 This Is As I Wish To Be Restored Christie Yant Mr. Lee PG 27:31 EP Forum
EP442b Eater of Bone, part 2 Robert Reed Mat Weller PG-13 1:41:32 EP Forum
EP442a Eater of Bone Robert Reed Mat Weller PG-13 2:02:34 EP Forum
EP441 Kumara Seth Dickinson Alasdair Stuart PG 46:31 EP Forum
EP440 Canterbury Hollow Chris Lawson Bill Bowman PG 36:07 EP Forum
EP439 Cradle and Ume Geoffrey W. Cole Jeff Ronner PG 36:53 EP Forum
EP438 Enjoy the Moment Jack McDevitt Sara Tolbert G 33:25 EP Forum
EP437 A Rose for Ecclesiastes Roger Zelazny Pete Milan PG 1:37:42 EP Forum
EP436 Into the Breach Malon Edwards Mandaly Louis-Charles PG-13 38:00 EP Forum
EP435 Made of Cats Judith Tarr Amanda Ching PG-13 24:26 EP Forum
EP434 Coping Mechanisms Gerri Leen Dani Cutler PG 37:20 EP Forum
EP433 That Other Sea William Ledbetter Shaelyn Grey PG 34:22 EP Forum
EP432 Inappropriate Behavior Pat Murphy MJ Cogburn PG 1:16:41 EP Forum
EP431 The Golden Glass Gary Kloster Matt Haynes PG-13 36:19 EP Forum
EP430 Heart of Joy Kate O’Connor Andrea Richardson G 40:57 EP Forum
EP429 The Little Black Bag C.M. Kornbluth Mat Weller PG 1:15:58 EP Forum
EP428 Paradise Left Evan Dicken Barry Haworth PG-13 26:25 EP Forum
EP427 Samantha's Diary Diana Wynne Jones Emma Newman PG 53:05 EP Forum
EP426 Flash Fiction Special: Four Tickets, Life Sentence, The Future Is Set Leslianne Wilder, Ben Hallert, C. L. Perria Nathan Lee, Angela Lee, Norm Sherman PG 24:49 EP Forum
EP425 The Boy in Zaquitos Bruce McAllister John Chu PG-13 54:51 EP Forum
EP424 Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince Jake Kerr Heather Bowman-Tomlinson, Andrea Richardson, Bill Hollweg, Mat Weller PG 40:19 EP Forum
EP423 Arena Fredric Brown Bill Bowman PG 59:05 EP Forum
EP422 Deshaun Stevens' Ship Log Marie Vibbert Alasdair Stuart PG-13 17:11 EP Forum
EP421 Bright Moment Daniel Marcus Mr. Lee R 42:55 EP Forum
EP420 The Shunned Trailer Esther Friesner Norm Sherman PG 51:14 EP Forum
EP419 Expediter Mack Reynolds Corson Bremer PG 1:21:51 EP Forum
EP418 The Dala Horse Michael Swanwick Michael Liebmann PG 41:59 EP Forum
EP417 Southpaw Bruce McAllister Brian Lieberman PG-13 38:46 EP Forum
EP416 On the Big Fisted Circuit Cat Rambo Shaelyn Grey PG-13 26:26 EP Forum
EP415 The Nightmare Lights of Mars Brian Trent Veronica Giguere PG-13 40:05 EP Forum
EP414 Knowing Matt Wallace Mat Weller PG-13 40:08 EP Forum
EP413 Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers Lawrence Watt-Evans Jonathon Hawkins PG 35:25 EP Forum
EP412 Thirty Seconds From Now John Chu Joel Kenyon PG-13 27:24 EP Forum
EP411 Loss, With Chalk Diagrams E. Lily Yu Eleiece Krawiec PG 30:49 EP Forum
EP410 Nutshell Jeffrey Wikstrom Alasdair Stuart PG-13 31:24 EP Forum
EP409 Mantis Wives (2013 Hugo Award nominee) Kij Johnson Heather Bowman-Tomlinson PG-13 19:09 EP Forum
EP408 Immersion (2012 Hugo Award nominee) Aliette de Bodard Amy Robinson PG 43:25 EP Forum
EP407 Mono no Aware (2013 Hugo Award winner) Ken Liu John Chu PG 46:51 EP Forum
EP406 Freia in the Sunlight Gregory Norman Bossert Shaelyn Grey PG 37:39 EP Forum
EP405 Vestigial Girl Alex Wilson Nathaniel Lee PG 38:32 EP Forum
EP404 Zebulon Vance Sings the Alphabet Songs of Love Merrie Haskell Amanda Ching PG 32:19 EP Forum
EP403 Saving Alan Idle Katherine Mankiller Kyle Akers PG 46:19 EP Forum
EP402 The Tale of the Golden Eagle (2004 Hugo Award nominee) David D. Levine David D. Levine PG 50:56 EP Forum
EP401 Growing Up Human Claudine Griggs Laura Hobbs PG 23:27 EP Forum
EP400 Rescue Party Arthur C. Clarke Norm Sherman PG 1:14:37 EP Forum
EP399 My Heart is a Quadratic Equation Shane Halbach Christina Lebonville PG 19:25 EP Forum
EP398 Subversion Elisabeth R. Adams Christiana Ellis PG 29:52 EP Forum
EP397 A Gun for Dinosaur L. Sprague de Camp Ayoub Khote PG 1:14:39 EP Forum
EP396 Dead Merchandise Ferrett Steinmetz Kathy Sherwood PG-13 35:06 EP Forum
EP395 Robot Helena Bell Eleiece Krawiec PG 23:19 EP Forum
EP394 Good Hunting Ken Liu John Chu PG 54:36 EP Forum
EP393 Red Card S. L. Gilbow Heather Bowman-Tomlinson PG-13 41:59 EP Forum
EP392 Aftermaths Lois McMaster Bujold Mat Weller PG-13 30:28 EP Forum
EP391 Making My Entrance Again With My Usual Flair Ken Scholes Bill Bowman PG-13 30:05 EP Forum
EP390 Cerbo un Vitra ujo Mary Robinette Kowal Veronica Giguere R 41:42 EP Forum
EP389 Keeping Tabs Kenneth Schneyer Dani Cutler PG-13 37:21 EP Forum
EP388 Trixie and the Pandas of Dread Eugie Foster Mur Lafferty R 41:58 EP Forum
EP387 Perspective Jake Kerr Julian Bane G 20:37 EP Forum
EP386 Finished Robert Reed Joel Nisbet PG-13 46:14 EP Forum
EP385 The Very Pulse of the Machine Michael Swanwick Amy Elk PG-13 53:21 EP Forum
EP384 The Tamarisk Hunter Paolo Bacigalupi Caith Donovan PG 39:20 EP Forum
EP383 The First Book of Flaccid Swords Edward Cowan Bruce Busby PG 22:02 EP Forum
EP382 They Go Bump David Barr Kirtley Alasdair Stuart PG-13 51:03 EP Forum
EP381 Elias, Smith and Jones Mark English Dave Robison 28:40 EP Forum
EP380 Punk Voyager [Shaenon K. Garrity Shaenon Garrity] Nathaniel Lee PG-13 33:05 EP Forum
EP379 Concussion David Glen Larson Mat Weller PG-13 23:24 EP Forum
EP378 Scout Bud Sparhawk Corson Bremer PG 50:46 EP Forum
EP377 Real Artists Ken Liu Ann Leckie PG 28:12 EP Forum
EP376 Shutdown Corry L. Lee MK Hobson R 46:09 EP Forum
EP375 Marley and Cratchit David Steffen Emma Newman PG-13 48:26 EP Forum
EP374 Oubliette J. Kelley Anderson David Moore PG-13 17:54 EP Forum
EP373 Chandra's Game Samantha Henderson Mur Lafferty PG-13 37:20 EP Forum
EP372 Flash Collection: Health Tips for Traveler, Echoes of the Bouncing Ball, Tornado on Fire David W. Goldman, Paul Celmer, Luc Reid Mur Lafferty PG 20:56 EP Forum
EP371 A Querulous Flute of Bone Cat Rambo Elizabeth Musselman PG-13 36:03 EP Forum
EP370 The Care and Feeding of Mammalian Bipeds, v. 2.1 M. Darusha Wehm Christiana Ellis PG-13 34:00 EP Forum
EP369 Passengers Robert Silverberg Michael Spence PG-13 39:20 EP Forum
EP368 Springtime for Deathtraps Marjorie James Dr. John Cmar PG-13 36:23 EP Forum
EP367 Lion Dance Vylar Kaftan John Chu R 47:03 EP Forum
EP366 Some of Them Closer Marissa Lingen The Word Whore PG-13 33:42 EP Forum
EP365 The Garden of Earthly Delights Jay Caselberg Mat Weller R 25:00 EP Forum
EP364 Techno-Rat Brad Hafford Alasdair Stuart PG-13 29:43 EP Forum
EP363 Flowing Shapes Rajan Khanna Josh Roseman R 41:54 EP Forum
EP362 Contamination Jay Werkheiser Dave Thompson PG 37:33 EP Forum
EP361 Ashes on the Water Gwendolyn Clare Mur Lafferty PG-13 29:11 EP Forum
EP360 Follow That Cathedral! Gareth Owens Pip Ballantine PG-13 36:39 EP Forum
EP359 Chasers Scott W. Baker Mat Weller PG-13 32:52 EP Forum
EP358 Like a Hawk in its Gyre Philip Brewer Tim Crist PG-13 27:26 EP Forum
EP357 Connoisseurs of the Eccentric Jetse de Vries Nathan Lowell PG-13 41:08 EP Forum
EP356 Three-Quarters Martian CR Hodges Mur Lafferty R 27:30 EP Forum
EP355 Grandmother Cat Rambo The Word Whore PG-13 54:37 EP Forum
EP354 The Caretaker Ken Liu Tom Rockwell PG-13 33:07 EP Forum
EP353 Talking to the Enemy Don Webb John Mierau PG-13 29:02 EP Forum
EP352 Food for Thought Laura Lee McArdle Christiana Ellis PG-13 23:51 EP Forum
EP351 113 Feet Josh Roseman Mur Lafferty PG-13 49:58 EP Forum
EP350 Observer Effects Tim Pratt A Kovacs R 23:50 EP Forum
EP349 Origin Ari Goelman Veronica Giguere PG-13 42:58 EP Forum
EP348 Nemesis Nathaniel Lee Mat Weller PG 44:08 EP Forum
EP347 Next Time, Scales John Moran Josh Roseman PG-13 26:40 EP Forum
EP346 Hawksbill Station Robert Silverberg Paul Tevis PG-13 1:45:41 EP Forum
EP345 The Paper Menagerie (2012 Hugo Award winner) Ken Liu Rajan Khanna PG 35:19 EP Forum
EP344 The Homecoming (2012 Hugo Award nominee) Mike Resnick Patrick Bazile PG 47:06 EP Forum
EP343 The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees (2012 Hugo Award nominee) E. Lily Yu Mur Lafferty PG 29:15 EP Forum
EP342 Certus Per Bellum S. Hutson Blount Mat Weller PG-13 29:19 EP Forum
EP341 Aphrodisia Lavie Tidhar Alasdair Stuart R 22:09 EP Forum
EP340 Golubash (Wine-Blood-War-Story) Catherynne M. Valente Marguerite Croft PG-13 43:35 EP Forum
EP339 "Run," Bakri Says Ferrett Steinmetz Mur Lafferty R 30:42 EP Forum
EP338 The Trojan Girl N. K. Jemisin Mur Lafferty PG 46:52 EP Forum
EP337 Counting Cracks George R. Galuschak Mat Weller PG 37:43 EP Forum
EP336 The Speed of Time Jay Lake Josh Roseman PG 23:15 EP Forum
EP335 The Water Man Ursula Pflug Christiana Ellis PG 33:56 EP Forum
EP334 The Eckener Alternative James L. Cambias Mur Lafferty G 22:55 EP Forum
EP333 Asteroid Monte Craig DeLancey Rajan Khanna PG 40:59 EP Forum
EP332 Overclocking James L. Sutter Wilson Fowlie R 21:46 EP Forum
EP331 Devour Ferrett Steinmetz Dave Thompson PG 45:58 EP Forum
EP330 The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived Keffy R. M. Kehrli Mur Lafferty R 28:57 EP Forum
EP329 Pairs Zachary Jernigan Matt Franklin R 44:54 EP Forum
EP328 Surviving the eBookalypse Randy Henderson Roberto Suarez PG 44:02 EP Forum
EP327 Revenants Judith Tarr Mur Lafferty G 22:54 EP Forum
EP326 Flash Fiction Special Sylvia Hiven, Tim Lieder, Merrie Haskell Mat Weller, Richard E. Dansky, Mur Lafferty PG 45:58 EP Forum
EP325 Bad Dogs Escape James Patrick Kelly AB Kovacs, Pamela L. Quevillon, John Cmar PG 17:09 EP Forum
EP324 Long Winter's Nap Catherine H. Shaffer Mur Lafferty G 30:33 EP Forum
EP323 Marking Time on the Far Side of Forever DK Latta Josh Roseman G 34:13 EP Forum
EP322 Chicken Noodle Gravity J. Daniel Sawyer Paul Haring R 32:11 EP Forum
EP321 Honor Killing Ray Tabler Mur Lafferty G 19:33 EP Forum
EP320 Thanksgiving Day Jay Werkheiser Paul Haring G 46:56 EP Forum
EP319 Driving X Gwendolyn Clare Mur Lafferty G 32:35 EP Forum
EP318 The Prize Beyond Gold Ian Creasey Josh Roseman G 43:51 EP Forum
EP317 Boxed In Marc-Anthony Taylor Barry Haworth R 40:17 EP Forum
EP316 Site Fourteen Laura Anne Gilman Mat Weller PG 39:45 EP Forum
EP315 Clockwork Fagin Cory Doctorow Grant Baciocco PG 1:15:35 EP Forum
EP314 Movement (2012 Hugo Award nominee) Nancy Fulda Marguerite Kenner PG 31:30 EP Forum
EP313 Playing Doctor Robert T. Jeschonek Josh Roseman PG 34:00 EP Forum
EP312 Night Bird Soaring T. L. Morganfield Mat Weller R 48:52 EP Forum
EP311 The Faithful Soldier, Prompted Saladin Ahmed Rajan Khanna R 24:10 EP Forum
EP310 Flash Extravaganza T. F. Davenport, J. J. DeBenedictis, Daniel Morris, Andrew Fazzari Jean Hilde-Fulghum, Mur Lafferty, Barry Haworth, John Anealio PG 24:06 EP Forum
EP309 The Insurance Agent Lavie Tidhar Christian Brady R 36:35 EP Forum
EP308 Kill Me Vylar Kaftan Mur Lafferty R 47:37 EP Forum
EP307 Soulmates Mike Resnick, Lezli Robyn Dave Thompson R 1:00:48 EP Forum
EP306 Radio Nowhere Douglas Smith Wilson Fowlie PG-13 58:33 EP Forum
EP305 Midnight Blue Will McIntosh Paul Haring G 52:20 EP Forum
EP304 Union Dues – Sidekicks in Stockholm Jeffrey R. DeRego Stephen Eley R 44:00 EP Forum
EP303 Leech Run Scott W. Baker Alasdair Stuart PG 37:04 EP Forum
EP302 Flash Extravaganza William R. Halliar, Nicholas J. Carter, Gideon Fostick Andrew Richardson, Christian Brady, Mur Lafferty G 35:59 EP Forum
EP301 Stone Wall Truth Caroline Yoachim Heather Welliver PG-13 1:03:50 EP Forum
EP300 We Go Back Tim Pratt Mur Lafferty PG 44:29 EP Forum
EP299 Plus or Minus James Patrick Kelly Christiana Ellis PG 1:20:10 EP Forum
EP298 The Things (2011 Hugo Award nominee) Peter Watts Kate Baker R 56:11 EP Forum
EP297 Amaryllis (2011 Hugo Award nominee) Carrie Vaughn Gabrielle De Cuir PG 47:22 EP Forum
EP296 For Want of a Nail (2011 Hugo Award winner) Mary Robinette Kowal Mur Lafferty PG 51:25 EP Forum
EP295 Disarm Vylar Kaftan Mat Weller PG 31:41 EP Forum
EP294 The Night Train Lavie Tidhar Jean Hilde-Fulghum R 43:09 EP Forum
EP293 A Small Matter, Really Monte Cook Mur Lafferty PG 28:57 EP Forum
EP292 In the Water Katherine Mankiller Kim Gianopoulos PG 32:13 EP Forum
EP291 Shannon's Law Cory Doctorow Mur Lafferty PG 1:16:25 EP Forum
EP290 Tom the Universe Larry Hodges Mat Weller PG-13 34:17 EP Forum
EP289 Flash Contest Honorable Mentions Angela Lee, M.C. Wagner, Arnold Gardner Joshua McNichols, Wilson Fowlie, Marshall Latham PG 14:30 EP Forum
EP288 Future Perfect LaShawn M. Wanak Dani Cutler R 28:16 EP Forum
EP287 A Taste of Time Abby Goldsmith Mur Lafferty PG 33:05 EP Forum
EP286 The '76 Goldwater Dime John Medaille Norm Sherman G 21:21 EP Forum
EP285 Jaiden's Weaver Mary Robinette Kowal Kij Johnson G 35:17 EP Forum
EP284 On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy Desmond Warzel Joshua McNichols PG 33:09 EP Forum
EP283 Grandfather Paradox Katherine Mankiller Kim Gianopoulos PG-13 37:31 EP Forum
EP282 You're Almost Here Melinda Thielbar Mur Lafferty PG-13 20:39 EP Forum
EP281 The Notebook of my Favourite Skin-Trees Alex Dally MacFarlane Pamela Quevillon R 46:54 EP Forum
EP280 Endosymbiont Blake Charlton Mur Lafferty PG-13 1:10:33 EP Forum
EP279 Conditional Love Felicity Shoulders Mur Lafferty PG-13 43:16 EP Forum
EP278 Written on the Wind David D. Levine Mur Lafferty PG 53:14 EP Forum
EP277 Rejiggering the Thingamajig Eric James Stone Kij Johnson PG 31:41 EP Forum
EP276 On a Blade of Grass Tim Pratt Mat Weller PG-13 21:43 EP Forum
EP275 Schrödinger's Cat Lady Marjorie James Mur Lafferty PG 29:22 EP Forum
EP274 Angry Rose's Lament Cat Rambo Mur Lafferty R 37:16 EP Forum
EP273 Dead's End to Middleton Natania Barron Jason Adams PG 38:36 EP Forum
EP272 Christmas Wedding Vylar Kaftan Mur Lafferty PG 57:02 EP Forum
EP271 God of the Lower Level Charles M. Saplak Steve Anderson PG 25:55 EP Forum
EP270 Advertising at the End of the World Keffy R. M. Kehrli Dani Cutler PG 31:16 EP Forum
EP269 Élan Vital K. Tempest Bradford Mur Lafferty PG 28:07 EP Forum
EP268 Advection Genevieve Valentine Mur Lafferty PG 26:54 EP Forum
EP267 Planetfall Michael C. Lea Jason Adams PG 32:41 EP Forum
EP266 Kachikachi Yama Michael R. Underwood Lauren Harris R 36:55 EP Forum
EP265 We are Ted Tuscadero for President Chris Dahlen Cheyenne Wright PG-13 39:03 EP Forum
EP264 St. Darwin's Spirituals D.K. Thompson Mur Lafferty R 39:41 EP Forum
EP263 Fuel Matthew S. Rotundo Dave Thompson PG 20:40 EP Forum
EP262 Cruciger Erin Cashier Kij Johnson PG 1:07:06 EP Forum
EP261 Only Springtime When She's Gone Eugie Foster Jason Adams PG 34:39 EP Forum
EP260 The Speed of Dreams Will Ludwigsen Mur Lafferty PG 21:08 EP Forum
EP259 The Lady or the Tiger J. M. McDermott Grant Baciocco PG-13 29:30 EP Forum
EP258 Raising Jenny Janni Lee Simner Mur Lafferty G 50:43 EP Forum
EP257 Union Dues: The Sum of Its Parts Jeffrey R. DeRego PG Holyfield PG 46:33 EP Forum
EP256 The Mermaids Singing Each to Each Cat Rambo Christiana Ellis R 56:02 EP Forum
EP255 Variations on a Theme William Meikle Zachary Ricks PG 22:36 EP Forum
EP254 A Talent For Vanessa David W. Goldman Dave Thompson PG 40:41 EP Forum
EP253 Eugene Jacob Sager Weinstein Tim Crist PG 23:47 EP Forum
EP252 Billion-Dollar View Ray Tabler John Cmar PG 24:59 EP Forum
EP251 Unexpected Outcomes Tim Pratt Tom Rockwell PG 35:05 EP Forum
EP250 Eros, Philia, Agape Rachel Swirsky Mur Lafferty PG 1:09:53 EP Forum
EP249 Little M@tch Girl Heather Shaw Mur Lafferty R 25:22 EP Forum
EP248 Spar (2010 Hugo Award nominee) Kij Johnson Kate Baker X 22:59 EP Forum
EP247 Bridesicle (2010 Hugo Award winner) Will McIntosh Amy H. Sturgis PG 52:22 EP Forum
EP246 Bride of Frankenstein (2010 Hugo Award nominee) Mike Resnick Julie Davis PG 40:15 EP Forum
EP245 The Moment (2010 Hugo Award nominee) Lawrence M. Schoen Graeme Dunlop PG 33:52 EP Forum
EP244 Non-Zero Probabilities (2010 Hugo Award nominee) N.K. Jemisin Kate Baker R 29:54 EP Forum
EP243 I'm Alive, I Love You, I'll See You in Reno Vylar Kaftan Mur Lafferty PG-13 23:56 EP Forum
EP242 The Love Quest of Smidgen the Snack Cake Robert T. Jeschonek John Cmar PG 42:56 EP Forum
EP241 Thargus and Brian Stephen Gaskell Chris Miller PG 30:53 EP Forum
EP240 The Last McDougal's David D. Levine Stephen Eley PG 31:19 EP Forum
EP239 A Programmatic Approach to Perfect Happiness Tim Pratt Stephen Eley R 27:30 EP Forum
EP238 Wind From a Dying Star David D. Levine Meg Westfox PG 43:01 EP Forum
EP237 Roadside Rescue Pat Cadigan Stephen Eley R 20:30 EP Forum
EP236 Still On the Road Geoffrey A. Landis Stephen Eley PG 11:01 EP Forum
EP235 On the Human Plan Jay Lake Mike Boris PG 29:31 EP Forum
EP234 The Secret Protocols of the Elders of Zion Lavie Tidhar Stephen Eley R 45:41 EP Forum
EP233 Union Dues - The Threnody of Johnny Toruko Jeffrey R. DeRego Stephen Eley PG 44:20 EP Forum
EP232 Alloy; Flare; My Grandfather's River Marissa Lingen, Kyle Deas, Brenda Cooper Electra Allenton, Serah Eley, Anna Eley PG 26:54 EP Forum
EP231 Solitary as an Oyster Mur Lafferty Alasdair Stuart PG 51:46 EP Forum
EP230 Candy Art James Patrick Kelly Kate Baker PG 38:46 EP Forum
EP229 Littleblossom Makes a Deal With the Devil S. Hutson Blount Eugie Foster PG 34:38 EP Forum
EP228 Everything That Matters Jeff Spock Geoff Michelli PG 57:13 EP Forum
EP227 His Master's Voice Hannu Rajaniemi Peter Piazza R 43:21 EP Forum
EP226 Pirate Solutions Katherine Sparrow Sarah Tolbert, Kate Baker, Nate Periat, Steve Eley R 42:00 EP Forum
EP225 A Hard Rain at the Fortean Café Lavie Tidhar Sarah Tolbert R 31:20 EP Forum
EP224 The Ghost in the Death Trap Marjorie James Stephen Eley PG 40:31 EP Forum
EP223 The Uncanny Valley Nick Mamatas Kate Baker R 55:55 EP Forum
EP222 Infestation Garth Nix Geoff Michelli R 45:26 EP Forum
EP221 Little Ambushes Joanne Merriam Rachel Swirsky PG-13 20:20 EP Forum
EP220 Come All Ye Faithful Robert J. Sawyer Mike Boris PG 34:05 EP Forum
EP219 Sleepy Joe Marc Laidlaw Ben Phillips R 36:44 EP Forum
EP218 Ode To Katan Amano Caitlin R. Kiernan Kim the Comic Book Goddess X 26:16 EP Forum
EP217 The Kindness of Strangers Nancy Kress Kate Baker R 52:00 EP Forum
EP216 ßoyfriend Madeline Ashby Tina Connolly R 45:20 EP Forum
EP215 Mr. Penumbra's Twenty-Four-Hour Book Store Robin Sloan Stephen Eley G 46:36 EP Forum
EP214 Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast (2010 Hugo Award nominee, 2009 Nebula Award winner) Eugie Foster Lawrence Santoro R 57:51 EP Forum
EP213 A Monkey Will Never Get Rid of Its Black Hands Rachel Swirsky Alasdair Stuart R 50:40 EP Forum
EP212 Skinhorse Goes to Mars Jay Lake Mike Boris R 41:53 EP Forum
EP211 Carthago Delenda Est Genevieve Valentine Kate Baker PG 30:50 EP Forum
EP210 The Hastillan Weed Ian Creasey MarBelle PG 41:20 EP Forum
EP209 On the Eyeball Floor Tina Connolly Norm Sherman PG 37:38 EP Forum
EP208 An Almanac for the Alien Invaders Merrie Haskell Sarah Tolbert PG-13 40:56 EP Forum
EP207 Wonder Maul Doll Kameron Hurley Kim the Comic Book Goddess R 31:01 EP Forum
EP206 Rogue Farm Charles Stross Stephen Eley, Jared Axelrod, J.R. Blackwell, Evo Terra, Dee Reed, Laura Burns, John Cmar, Earl Newton PG 40:30 EP Forum
EP205 Requiem in D-minor (for prions, whale and burning bush) Ian McHugh Frank Key PG-13 26:25 EP Forum
EP204 The Fifth Zhi Mercurio D. Rivera Steve Eley PG-13 36:33 EP Forum
EP203 The Legend of St. Ignatz Samantha Henderson Ray Sizemore R 43:39 EP Forum
EP202 Will You Be an Astronaut? Greg van Eekhout Christiana Ellis PG-13 28:12 EP Forum
EP201 Harry The Crow John Kratman Norm Sherman R 51:37 EP Forum
EP200 All You Zombies Robert A. Heinlein Steve Eley PG 35:54 EP Forum
EP199 Elvis in the Attic Catherine M. Morrison Ben Phillips PG 30:30 EP Forum
EP198 N-words Ted Kosmatka Kim The Comic Book Goddess PG-13 55:33 EP Forum
EP197 From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled... (2009 Hugo Award nominee) Michael Swanwick Sarah Tolbert PG 59:00 EP Forum
EP196 Evil Robot Monkey (2009 Hugo Award nominee) Mary Robinette Kowal Stephen Eley PG 20:10 EP Forum
EP195 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss (2009 Hugo Award nominee) Kij Johnson Diane Severson PG 32:41 EP Forum
EP194 Exhalation (2009 Hugo Award winner) Ted Chiang Ray Sizemore PG 51:24 EP Forum
EP193 Article of Faith (2009 Hugo Award nominee) Mike Resnick Stephen Eley PG 41:41 EP Forum
EP192 Sumo21 Daniel Braum Stephen Eley PG 53:00 EP Forum
EP191 This Is How It Feels Ian Creasey FNH PG 37:38 EP Forum
EP190 Origin Story Tim Pratt Stephen Eley PG 33:58 EP Forum
EP189 The Botox School of Acting Liz Shannon Miller Dani Cutler PG 31:26 EP Forum
EP188 29 Union Leaders Can't Be Wrong Genevieve Valentine Chris Lester R 28:40 EP Forum
EP187 Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky Ken Scholes Alex Wilson R 50:00 EP Forum
EP186 Chrysalis Mary Robinette Kowal Cunning Minx G 27:11 EP Forum
EP185 Union Dues - All About the Sponsors Jeffrey R. DeRego Stephen Eley PG 45:54 EP Forum
EP184 As Dry Leaves That Before the Wild Hurricane Fly Mur Lafferty Christiana Ellis G 50:20 EP Forum
EPBonus Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: Silence Rachel Swirsky Ann Leckie PG 2:42 Final Poll
EPBonus Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: Hello, I Love You Katherine Sparrow Rachel Swirsky PG 3:11 Final Poll
EPBonus Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: The Way Before Anna Schwind Ann Leckie G 2:51 Final Poll
EPBonus Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: Hoarding Colored Rags Jared Axelrod Mike Swirsky PG 1:41 Final Poll
EPBonus Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: From Liquid to Glass J. R. Blackwell Rachel Swirsky R 1:40 Final Poll
EPBonus Flash Fiction Contest 3rd place: Karakuri Gideon Fostick Dave Leckie 2:51 Final Poll
EPBonus Flash Fiction Contest 2nd place: Skyscrapers Rachel Swirsky Ann Leckie PG 2:53 Final Poll
EPBonus Flash Fiction Contest 1st place: Mission to Dover Gideon Fostick Lyle Merithew 2:49 Final Poll
EP183 Beans and Marbles Floris M. Kleijne Stephen Eley R 38:46 EP Forum
EP182 The Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham H.G. Wells Alasdair Stuart PG 45:10 EP Forum
EP181 Resistance Tobias S. Buckell Stephen Eley PG 47:46 EP Forum
EP180 Navy Brat Kay Kenyon Dani Cutler PG 24:40 EP Forum
EP179 Arties Aren't Stupid Jeremiah Tolbert Philippa Ballantine PG 36:40 EP Forum
EP178 Unlikely Will McIntosh Stephen Eley PG 37:48 EP Forum
EP177 Usurpers Derek Zumsteg Stephen Eley R 34:29 EP Forum
EP176 How The World Became Quiet: A Post-Human Creation Myth Rachel Swirsky Frank Key PG 31:07 EP Forum
EP175 Reparations Merrie Haskell Mary Robinette Kowal PG 27:48 EP Forum
EP174 Private Detective Molly A.B. Goelman Anna Eley PG 38:30 EP Forum
EP173 Robots Don't Cry (2004 Hugo Award nominee) Mike Resnick Stephen Eley R 42:23 EP Forum
EP172 Union Dues - Tabula Rasa Jeffrey R. DeRego Stephen Eley R 40:40 EP Forum
EP171 Fenneman's Mouth Andy Duncan Jared Axelrod R 36:50 EP Forum
EP170 Pervert Charles Coleman Finlay Stephen Eley R 35:03 EP Forum
EP169 How I Mounted Goldie, Saved My Partner Lori, and Sniffed Out The People's Justice Jonathon Sullivan Stephen Eley, Jennifer Bowie R 48:03 EP Forum
EP168 Family Values Sara Genge Alasdair Stuart PG 22:32 EP Forum
EP167 Love and Death in the Time of Monsters Frank Wu Stephen Eley PG 31:14 EP Forum
EP166 The Something-Dreaming Game Elizabeth Bear Mur Lafferty R 39:03 EP Forum
EP165 Those Eyes David Brin Stephen Eley, Anna Eley PG 38:25 EP Forum
EP164 The Right Kind of Town Christian Klaver Cunning Minx R 22:52 EP Forum
EP163 Revolution Time Lavie Tidhar Stephen Eley R 36:04 EP Forum
EP162 God Juice M.K. Hobson Christiana Ellis R 1:01:28 EP Forum
EP161 Alien Promises Janni Lee Simner Anna Eley G 29:42 EP Forum
EP160 Kallakak's Cousins Cat Rambo Stephen Eley G 37:00 EP Forum
EP159 Elites Kristine Kathryn Rusch Máia Whitaker R 49:10 EP Forum
EP158 Who's Afraid of Wolf 359? (2008 Hugo Award nominee) Ken MacLeod Stephen Eley R 40:17 EP Forum
EP157 A Small Room in Koboldtown (2008 Hugo Award nominee) Michael Swanwick Cheyenne Wright PG 35:20 EP Forum
EP156 Distant Replay (2008 Hugo Award nominee) Mike Resnick Steve Anderson PG 35:00 EP Forum
EP155 Tideline (2008 Hugo Award winner) Elizabeth Bear Stephen Eley PG 36:47 EP Forum
EP154 Union Dues - Freedom With a Small f Jeffrey R. DeRego Nuri R 50:10 EP Forum
EP153 Schwartz Between the Galaxies Robert Silverberg Stephen Eley R 56:16 EP Forum
EP152 The Big Guy Mike Resnick Stephen Eley R 38:30 EP Forum
EP151 Behind the Rules Stephanie Burgis MA in PA R 30:35 EP Forum
EP150 This, My Body Jeremiah Tolbert Stephen Eley X 1:01:00 EP Forum
EP149 Union Dues - All That We Leave Behind Jeffrey R. DeRego Stephen Eley R 40:30 EP Forum
EP148 Homecoming at the Borderlands Café Carole McDonnell Stephen Eley PG 31:26 EP Forum
EP147 Pressure Jeff Carlson Graydancer PG 41:35 EP Forum
EP146 Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk Ken Scholes Stephen Eley PG 45:00 EP Forum
EP145 Instead of a Loving Heart Jeremiah Tolbert Jared Axelrod PG 29:00 EP Forum
EP144 Friction Will McIntosh Stephen Eley PG 41:01 EP Forum
EP143 Flaming Marshmallow and Other Deaths Camille Alexa Dani Cutler PG 25:40 EP Forum
EP142 Artifice and Intelligence Tim Pratt Stephen Eley PG 24:26 EP Forum
EP141 The Color of a Brontosaurus Paul E. Martens Stephen Eley PG 43:42 EP Forum
EP140 Astromonkeys! Tony Frazier Norm Sherman PG 35:48 EP Forum
EP139 Acephalous Dreams Neal Asher Stephen Eley R 48:30 EP Forum
EP138 In the Late December Greg van Eekhout Stephen Eley PG 26:56 EP Forum
EP137 Citytalkers Mur Lafferty Deborah Green PG 47:11 EP Forum
EP136 Bright Red Star Bud Sparhawk Paul Haring R 33:50 EP Forum
EP135 Stu Bruce McAllister Stephen Eley G 41:30 EP Forum
EP134 Me and My Shadow Mike Resnick Stephen Eley R 37:00 EP Forum
EP133 Other People's Money Cory Doctorow Amanda Fitzwater G 23:20 EP Forum
EP132 Sparks in a Cold War Kristine Kathryn Rusch Stephen Eley PG 46:30 EP Forum
EP131 Hesperia and Glory Ann Leckie Frank Key G 34:00 EP Forum
EP130 What We Learned From This Morning's Newspaper Robert Silverberg Stephen Eley G 36:45 EP Forum
EP129 Immortal Sin Jennifer Pelland Stephen Eley R 46:27 EP Forum
EP128 Union Dues - Send in the Clowns Jeffrey R. DeRego Dani Cutler PG 42:00 EP Forum
EP127 Results Kristine Kathryn Rusch Heather Welliver PG 30:33 EP Forum
EP126 The Sweet, Sad Love Song of Fred and Wilma Nick Dichario, Mike Resnick Stephen Eley X 44:00 EP Forum
EP125 End Game Nancy Kress Stephen Eley R 37:00 EP Forum
EP124 Save Me Plz David Barr Kirtley Mur Lafferty PG 40:55 EP Forum
EP123 Niels Bohr and the Sleeping Dane Jonathon Sullivan Stephen Eley PG 54:00 EP Forum
EP122 Transcendence Express Jetse de Vries Jack Mangan R 35:00 EP Forum
EP121 The Snow Woman's Daughter Eugie Foster cunning minx G 22:25 EP Forum
EP120 The Sundial Brigade James Trimarco Graydancer R 54:58 EP Forum
EP119 Aliens Want Our Women Ramona Louise Wheeler Leann Mabry G 29:30 EP Forum
EP118 The Veteran Neal Asher Stephen Eley PG 35:00 EP Forum
EP117 Reggie vs. Kaiju Storm Chimera Wolf Matthew Wayne Selznick Scott Sigler R 39:00 EP Forum
EP116 Ej-Es Nancy Kress Sheri Mann Stewart PG 54:00 EP Forum
EP115 Conversations With and About My Electric Toothbrush Derek Zumsteg Jared Axelrod G 22:30 EP Forum
EP114 Cloud Dragon Skies N.K. Jemisin Máia Whitaker PG 37:15 EP Forum
EP113 Ishmael in Love Robert Silverberg Stephen Eley R 39:30 EP Forum
EP112 The Giving Plague David Brin Dr. Jonathon Sullivan PG 52:30 EP Forum
EP111 Mayfly Heather Lindsley The Word Whore R 28:25 EP Forum
EP110 Frankie the Spook Mike Resnick Stephen Eley PG 34:40 EP Forum
EP109 Squonk the Apprentice P.M. Butler Stephen Eley, Anna Eley G 42:00 EP Forum
EP108 Kin (2007 Hugo Award nominee) Bruce McAllister Stephen Eley PG 31:30 EP Forum
EP107 Eight Episodes (2007 Hugo Award nominee) Robert Reed MarBelle PG 32:00 EP Forum
EP106 The House Beyond Your Sky (2007 Hugo Award nominee) Benjamin Rosenbaum Paul Tevis R 38:50 EP Forum
EP105 Impossible Dreams (2007 Hugo Award winner) Tim Pratt Matthew Wayne Selznick G 47:15 EP Forum
EP104 Lust for Learning Pete Butler cunning minx, Stephen Eley X 44:14 EP Forum
EP103 The Watching People Paul Berger Stephen Eley PG 33:20 EP Forum
EP102 The Angle of My Dreams Jay Lake Stephen Eley PG 23:00 EP Forum
EP101 The 43 Antarean Dynasties (1998 Hugo Award winner]]) Mike Resnick Steven Burley, Gregg Taylor PG 49:07 EP Forum
EP100 Nightfall Isaac Asimov Stephen Eley G 1:31:38 EP Forum
EP099 Start the Clock Benjamin Rosenbaum Chris Fisher R 41:20 EP Forum
EP098 Just Do It Heather Lindsley The Word Whore R 39:00 EP Forum
EP097 Cinderella Suicide Samantha Henderson MarBelle PG 42:30 EP Forum
EP096 Job Qualifications Kevin J. Anderson Steve Anderson PG 28:00 EP Forum
EP095 Blink. Don't Blink. Ramona Louise Wheeler Salim Fadhley PG 26:25 EP Forum
EP094 The Last Wave Kay Kenyon Frank Key G 28:00 EP Forum
EP093 {Now + n, Now - n} Robert Silverberg Stephen Eley R 53:30 EP Forum
EP092 The Boy Who Yelled "Dragon!" Mike Resnick Matthew Wayne Selznick G 21:16 EP Forum
EP091 The Acid Test Kay Kenyon cunning minx PG 24:00 EP Forum
EP090 How Lonesome a Life Without Nerve Gas James Trimarco Frank Key PG 37:37 EP Forum
EP089 Bean There Jack Skillingstead Jim Van Verth R 36:10 EP Forum
EP088 Blood of Virgins David Barr Kirtley Stephen Eley R 33:40 EP Forum
EP087 Authorwerx Greg van Eekhout Stephen Eley R 37:00 EP Forum
EP086 When We Went to See the End of the World Robert Silverberg J.C. Hutchins R 26:10 EP Forum
EP085 Merry Christmas from the Heartbreakers Mur Lafferty Stephen Eley, Anna Eley R 47:38 EP Forum
EP084 Smooth Talking Tobias S. Buckell Steve Anderson R 49:52 none
EP083 Ulla Daniel Schwabauer Jared Axelrod, J.R. Blackwell PG 33:28 EP Forum
EP082 Travels With My Cats (2005 Hugo Award winner) Mike Resnick Stephen Eley PG 49:00 EP Forum
EP081 Margin of Error Nancy Kress Christiana Ellis PG 23:15 EP Forum
EP080 Union Dues - Cleanup in Aisle Five Jeffrey R. DeRego Rich Sigfrit R 34:00 EP Forum
EP079 Mountain, Man Heather Shaw Stephen Eley PG 37:00 EP Forum
EP078 The Shoulders of Giants Robert J. Sawyer Stephen Eley PG 46:18 EP Forum
EP077 A Single Shadow Stephen Dedman Benjamin Grundy R 29:45 EP Forum
EP076 The Dinner Game Stephen Eley Máia Whitaker R 35:40 EP Forum
EP075 Nano Comes to Clifford Falls Nancy Kress Martha Holloway R 46:30 EP Forum
EP074 Paradox & Greenblatt, Attorneys at Law Kevin J. Anderson J.C. Hutchins R 39:50 EP Forum
EP073 Barnaby in Exile Mike Resnick Paul Fischer G 36:40 EP Forum
EP072 Joe Steele Harry Turtledove Stephen Eley R 45:53 EP Forum
EP071 The Capo of Darkness Laura Resnick Evo Terra R 34:30 EP Forum
EP070 Squonk the Dragon Pete Butler Stephen Eley, Anna Eley G 40:32 EP Forum
EP069 Her Tobias S. Buckell Stephen Eley R 18:25 EP Forum
EP068 Depth of Field Stephen Dedman Jonathon Sullivan R 29:30 EP Forum
EP067 Life in Stone Tim Pratt Stephen Eley R 35:30 EP Forum
EP066 The King's Tail Constance Cooper Máia Whitaker PG 24:30 EP Forum
EP065 A Green Thumb Tobias S. Buckell Matthew Wayne Selznick PG 23:40 EP Forum
EP064 Head of State Ed W. Marsh Wichita Rutherford PG 28:40 EP Forum
EP063 Observations From the City of Angels William Shunn Stephen Eley R 38:50 EP Forum
EP062 Union Dues - The Baby and the Bathwater Jeffrey R. DeRego Mur Lafferty R 30:30 EP Forum
EP061 I Look Forward To Remembering You Mur Lafferty Daisy Ottmann, Anna Eley, Stephen Eley R 35:50 EP Forum
EP060 Creature For Hire Paul E. Martens Mark Forman PG 30:40 EP Forum
EP059 Anyone Can Whistle David Walton J.R. Blackwell PG 42:30 EP Forum
EP058 Shadowboxer Paul Di Filippo Scott Fletcher R 43:49 EP Forum
EP057 Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned Scott Sigler The_Word_Whore R 38:45 EP Forum
EP056 The Clockwork Atom Bomb (2006 Hugo Award nominee) Dominic Green Dr. Jonathon Sullivan R 52:40 EP Forum
EP055 Down Memory Lane (2006 Hugo Award nominee) Mike Resnick Alex Wilson G 38:15 EP Forum
EP054 Tk'tk'tk (2006 Hugo Award winner) David D. Levine Paul Tevis PG 53:40 EP Forum
EP053 Seventy-Five Years (2006 Hugo Award nominee) Michael A. Burstein Deborah Green G 25:25 EP Forum
EP052 Single White Farmhouse Heather Shaw The Word Whore R 36:00 EP Forum
EP051 Is You Is / Is You Ain't? Michael Canfield Evo Terra R 35:53 EP Forum
EP050 The Malcontent Stephen Eley Paul Jenkins PG 33:18 EP Forum
EP049 Union Dues - Off White Lies Jeffrey R. DeRego Scott Sigler R 38:20 EP Forum
EP048 Soul Food Paul E. Martens Stephen Eley PG 30:00 EP Forum
EP047 Poet for Hire Sue Burke Mur Lafferty G 29:48 EP Forum
EP046 Natural Order Michael Jasper Steve Dupont R 39:06 EP Forum
EP045 Are You Ready For the End of the World? Danny Adams Paul Jenkins, Tee Morris PG 27:30 EP Forum
EP044 Show and Tell Greg van Eekhout Anna Eley PG 23:52 EP Forum
EP043 Little Worker Paul Di Filippo Jonathon Sullivan X 36:12 EP Forum
EP042 Practical Villainy Janni Lee Simner Stephen Eley PG 27:05 EP Forum
EP041 Ambient Sleaze Jeffrey R. DeRego Mur Lafferty R 40:01 EP Forum
EP040 Even Vadsø Thaws Bruce Holland Rogers Stephen Eley PG 20:05 EP Forum
EP039 My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie Eugie Foster The Word Whore X 37:05 EP Forum
EP038 L'Alchimista N.K. Jemisin Paul Tevis G 39:37 EP Forum
EP037 Craphound Cory Doctorow Jesse Thorn PG 46:00 EP Forum
EP036 Connie, Maybe Paul E. Martens Wichita Rutherford G 21:00 EP Forum
EP035 Hero Scott Sigler Stephen Eley R 36:20 EP Forum
EP034 Free Will, Baby Janni Lee Simner Swoopy PG 37:00 EP Forum
EP033 Santa In My Pocket Mur Lafferty Anna Eley R 19:46 EP Forum
EP032 Alien Animal Encounters John Scalzi Stephen Eley, Anna Eley, Scott Janssens, Deborah Green, Jonathon Sullivan, Marilyn Fuller R 22:25 EP Forum
EP031 Robots and Falling Hearts Tim Pratt, Greg van Eekhout Alex Wilson PG 51:06 EP Forum
EP030 Aliens Love Oranges Sue Burke Mur Lafferty G 37:57 EP Forum
EP029 Crystal Balls Susie Hawes Evo Terra PG 20:36 EP Forum
EP028 Your Corporate Network and the Forces of Darkness Lucy A. Snyder Rob Walch, Mur Lafferty R 17:25 EP Forum
EP027 Union Dues - Iron Bars and the Glass Jaw Jeffrey R. DeRego Jonathon Sullivan PG 35:43 EP Forum
EP026 The Ludes Lisa M. Bradley Stephen Eley R 34:01 EP Forum
EP025 The Great Old Pumpkin John Aegard Stephen Eley PG 25:26 EP Forum
EP024 The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario Benjamin Rosenbaum Chris Miller, Stephen Eley PG 21:08 EP Forum
EP023 The Dream Factory Jenn Reese Scott Fletcher R 21:23 EP Forum
EP022 Don Ysidro Bruce Holland Rogers Evo Terra PG 16:05 EP Forum
EP021 Platypus Girl Jonathon Sullivan Stephen Eley R 36:15 EP Forum
EP020 The Burning Bush Jennifer Pelland Deborah Green X 26:45 EP Forum
EP019 Implications James C. Bassett Stephen Eley G 21:20 EP Forum
EP018 Some Girlfriends Can Stephanie Burgis Swoopy PG 31:05 EP Forum
EP017 The Life and Times of Penguin Eugie Foster Mur Lafferty PG 29:05 EP Forum
EP016 Seamstress Sarah Prineas Deborah Green PG 30:05 EP Forum
EP015 Hell Notes M.K. Hobson Stephen Eley PG 51:05 EP Forum
EP014 Tis the Season K.D. Wentworth Jonathon Sullivan R 34:55 EP Forum
EP013 The Once and Future Dentist D. Richard Pearce Stephen Eley PG 33:05 EP Forum
EP012 Clean Up Your Room! Laura Anne Gilman Mur Lafferty G 40:15 EP Forum
EP011 Herd Mentality Jay Caselberg Stephen Eley G 36:35 EP Forum
EP010 The Girlfriends of Dorian Gray Gregory Frost Stephen Eley R 52:50 EP Forum
EP009 Jack Justin Stanchfield Deborah Green G 26:35 EP Forum
EP008 Lachrymose and the Golden Egg Tim Pratt Stephen Eley PG 38:05 EP Forum
EP007 The Trouble With Death Traps Marjorie James Stephen Eley PG 42:00 EP Forum
EP006 Jenny Nettles Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald Stephen Eley PG 21:20 EP Forum
EP005 Snow Day Jennifer Pelland Deborah Green R 23:45 EP Forum
EP004 In His Footsteps Paul E. Martens Stephen Eley PG 24:30 EP Forum
EP003 Three Wish Habit Janni Lee Simner Jonathon Sullivan PG 19:30 EP Forum
EP002 Feng Burger John Aegard Stephen Eley PG 29:00 EP Forum
EP001 Imperial Jonathon Sullivan Stephen Eley R 39:39 EP Forum
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