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Ika Koeck (pronounced Coke) was born a Malaysian with a hint of Dutch bloodline, and her passion for writing began when she was twelve after an accidental encounter with a fantasy novel left her mind reeling with ideas.

Her short stories have appeared in Ages of Wonder, an anthology published by DAW books and 100-Stories-For-Queensland, a charity anthology in aid of the survivors of the 2011 Queensland Flood. Her most recent publication is “Skin Deep”, published in Aurealis #91 and “Jungle Fever”, published in The Apex Book of World SF 3. Another fantasy short story, “To Dance The Dragon”, will be published in Ares Magazine in 2018.

When she is not traveling the world, Ika is working on her next short story or novel, running a race somewhere, training to be a triathlete, or being a butler for her cats.

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