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Welcome to Escape Artists, Inc. - home of four of the most amazing weekly fiction podcasts on the planet!

What is Escape Artists, Inc.?

Escape Pod is a magazine-style podcast founded by Serah Eley and launched on 12 May 2005 which presents science fiction stories. It has been called, "the world's leading science fiction podcast."[1] In 2006, Eley created Escape Artists, Inc. to produce Escape Pod and sister podcasts, Pseudopod and PodCastle. In 2014, the company was sold to long-time Pseudopod host Alasdair Stuart, and in 2016, Cast of Wonders joined the Escape Artists family.

While episodes are free, writers are paid according to market guidelines established by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and the company runs solely on listener donations or subscriptions.

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Escape Artists's listeners are an active group. Join the forums at to discuss your favorite episodes, dish about podcasting or genre fiction, submit stories to the members-only Crit group - and much more.

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