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Dani has been involved with Cast of Wonders in various roles since it’s inception in 2011. She narrates stories, reads slush, is the community manager at our forums and now is overwhelmingly proud to take on the role of co-assistant editor. Fiction, especially fantasy, science fiction and weird stories, has been important in her life since she was a child. So while she works with numbers all day to keep the lights on at home, it’s always been words and reading that kept the light on in her heart and mind. Downtime is infrequent, but often accompanied by either a book in hand (with at least one of her two cats on the lap) or an audiobook or fiction podcast streaming through her headphones.

On a break from a recreational roller derby team, she loves to roller skate, along with writing fiction of her own, playing video games, gardening, looking for audiobook projects to record through ACX, and the occasional Netflix binge. Dani keeps herself very busy; her most recent hobby is making homemade soap and body care products.

She lives on Long Island, NY, with her very patient husband and their cats, and you can find her on Twitter.

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