Cameron Suey is an award-winning writer, designer, narrative paramedic, and editor.

With an education in screenwriting and narrative theory and a passion for strong characters and innovative, interactive methods of storytelling, Cameron has been collaborating with incredible teams in the games industry for more than a decade. Beginning with the award-winning and critically acclaimed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Cameron has contributed to the story and written for multiple high-profile AAA games in established franchises. He has also created narrative worlds for the mobile gaming space.

Most recently, he was the recipient of a Writers Guild of America Award of Excellence in Videogame Writing, as one of the principal writers on the Rise of the Tomb Raider narrative team — this was his second win, and third nomination. His work has appeared in anthologies including Shadows over Main Street, and was featured in the first issues of Jamais Vu and Flapperhouse.

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