B.T. Joy has been writing horror for some years now and has had around two dozen works of fiction included in magazines, journals, anthologies and podcasts worldwide.

His intention is to produce tales set in a realistic environment in which the psychological preoccupations of the protagonist drive the narrative and any supernatural elements are left for the reader to infer; rather than being openly stated by the writer. Also a practicing poet, B.T. Joy’s verse has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize on three occasions and can be found in the pages and internet presences of over fifty markets. He is the holder of a BA from London Metropolitan University and a PGDE from Strathclyde. This year he was awarded an MLitt in Poetry from the University of St. Andrews and he relocated to Heilongjiang, in Northern China, where he writes and reads voraciously and teaches English at high school level. This year his first solo collection of poetry Teaching Neruda will be released through Popcorn Press. White Knuckle Press are also releasing a selection of his prose poetry in a chapbook due out in March.

B.T.'s story, The Angel in the Marble, was read by Simon Meddings on Pseudopod episode 468.

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